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Our goal is to spread and promote Spanish food culture by providing healthy high quality gourmet food products that are the cornerstones of Spanish cuisine to the intrigued client at an affordable and reasonable price.

Although our business is centred around providing Spanish extra virgin olive oil from Andalusia (South of Spain), we also are involved with a number of other unique Spanish foods.

About Us

Ortega Gourmet Foods (OFG) was founded in Toronto in early 2012 by the Ortega brothers. The Ortega family with Spanish origins (Granada) would make frequent trips to Spain and was disappointed in the selection of Spanish food products available in Canada, specifically extra virgin olive oil.

Although enthusiasts of Spanish food, we were no experts in olive oil and thus embarked on researching and getting involved in the industry prior to establishing the business. We quickly became intrigued at the history and delicacy of one of the worlds oldest and most important foods. We travelled throughout the South of Spain and met dozens of producers of varying sizes to learn about the Spanish olive oil industry. It's safe to say the experience was eye opening and fruitful.

We learned and experienced everything from planting an olive fruit tree, to the picking and crushing of the fruit during harvest. One somber part of the industry is the under regulation and misrepresentation of extra virgin olive oil, a product that is commonly manipulated for the benefit of large olive oil cooperatives at the expense of the consumer.

For an olive oil to be classified extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) it must pass vigorous testing and thus it was clear to us that the majority of the worlds olive oil is not and cannot be EVOO. The origin of the olive oil is of little importance to the quality of the final product, as there are outstanding EVOOs from across the world. It is actually the production timing and process that is much more definitive for the quality of the oil. It was this key fact that lead us to the decision to search and work with small artisan producers, as it was the only way to ensure control over the production process and ultimately the final quality of the olive oil.

Having a much more deep and insightful background from how this bitter tasting fruit travels from the tree to a bottle on the supermarket shelves makes us confident in these unique and exquisite Spanish extra virgin olive oils that we have chosen.

We continue to work with our partners to increase the quality of our oils, as well as continually search for new producers that meet our superior quality standards. We are confident and proud to supply some of Spain's finest extra virgin olive oils. Read more about our EVOOs in the 'our olive oils' section.

As described, we are most involved in providing Spanish EVOO, but there are many other foods that are unique to Spanish cuisine. We also work with Spanish producers of these products to provide and spread Spanish food culture. Please see them in our other products section.

Spring Passion Fruit

A full bodied but delicate olive oil with fresh olive fruit aromas. It is very sweet and has no piquant or peppery flavor. A unique olive oil made from the blend of Verdial and Lechin olive fruit varieties from the outskirts of Malaga.

Summer Eucalyptus

A well rounded olive oil with a light and sweet beginning, a mild and almost imperceptible bitterness and a light piquant end. A blend of the Hojiblanca, Manzanilla and Picuda varieties from the South of Andalusia.

Autumn Spice           

Our strongest tasting olive oil. An unfiltered oil giving it a voluminous body with intense fruit aromas and a strong piquant ending flavor.It is a blend of the Verdial, Blanquillo and Picudo varieties from the Axarquia region of Andalusia.

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